Dog Bites, Attacks, and Utah State Law

Learn more about Utah’s laws concerning dog bites, attacks, dangerous breeds, and seeking legal counsel.
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Dog Bite & Attack Statistics

While dogs are well known for being man’s best friend, their bite can certainly be worse than their bark. From January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2017—a 13-year period—canine attacks accounted for over 433 American deaths.
Of these deaths, children ages 0-2 accounted for the most victims with 115 deaths, and infants under the age of 1 comprised of 55 deaths. Following this group, those 70 years and older accounted for the most deaths with a total of 76.
While there is no direct correlation between male and female victims, over this 13-year period, male victims outnumbered female 223 to 210. There is also no identifiable correlation between attacks inflicted by male or female dogs. However, unsterilized male dogs have been found more likely to violently attack.
Lethal Dog Breeds

Recognizing & Avoiding Dangerous Dog Breeds

Which dog breeds should you be avoiding to prevent a dangerous attack? A large majority of documented dog bites and attacks are attributed to pit bulls. Following pit bulls are rottweilers as the next most dangerous breed of dog according to the statistics for deaths caused by a canine attack. German shepherds, Dobermans, mastiffs, and other dog breeds also have to be thrown in the mix, although no other dog comes near as dangerous as the pit bull.
In some places, Breed Specific Legislation prohibits owning what they deem to be dangerous dog breeds. Find out if your state or city complies with these laws and what makes these and other dog breeds so dangerous.
Know The Laws

What Dog Owners &
Civilians Need To Know

From January 2005 to March 2018, more than 7 state legislative acts and 2 county-level laws were enacted due to deadly dog maulings. More than 89% of this legislation stemmed from a fatal attack inflicted by pit bulls and subsequent outrage from citizens.
At least 39 states in the U.S. have “dangerous-dog laws” intended to protect the public from vicious animal attacks. In general, fatal dog maulings do not result in criminal charges to the owner. However, dog owners can face serious criminal charges (including prison) for failing to take necessary action or precautions when their dog has previously attacked someone or displayed violent behavior.
Of all dog bite fatalities that occurred during the 17-year data set, Texas led all states with 54 deaths and 10 criminal charges, followed by California with 45 deaths and 10 criminal charges. No fatal attacks, however, were recorded in Utah.
Legal Assistance After a Dog Attack

Knowing When Legal Assistance is Necessary & Justified

After suffering a dog attack, it can be difficult to know when to call the proper authorities and when to let sleeping dogs lie. There are over 4.5 million reported occurrences of a dog biting a human in the U.S. every year. While many bites do not require serious medical attention, over 800,000 have resulted in serious medical harm. Regardless of physical harm, dog attacks can result in serious trauma which may entitle the victim to compensation.
While it can be difficult to know the extent of your injuries immediately following a canine attack, if you have been seriously injured, mauled, or bitten, it’s best to immediately seek the legal counsel and assistance of a Utah dog bite lawyer. An attorney will have the experience needed to review your case and settle your claim, awarding you the compensation you deserve.

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Reporting All Dog Bites & Attacks

It’s important to report all instances of dog bites, whether deadly or not, to the proper authorities for the following reasons: